Rich Oliver's Mystery School

The Mystery School is a safe, hospitable, high-quality training facility and curriculums that give our students additional riding skills that can be used to avoid accidents and injuries when riding their own motorcycle(s) on the street, dirt or track.

The Mystery School curriculums specialize in motorcycle riding safety and skill building, using small low powered motorcycles for ease of training. We use dirt tracks and dirt drill areas that are specifically set up for each lesson. Speeds range from 5 to 35 mph. Training is done of flat tracks, not motocross tracks.

Most of our students are street riders and Police Motor Officers who gain increased motorcycle control and confidence by riding in the dirt under our guidance and coaching. For the student who has never ridden a motorcycle before, our goal is to teach them the safety skills needed so they can have a lifetime of motorcycling enjoyment.

Click on the 'courses' link about and join us in one of the following courses to gain skills, confidence and control!

  • One-Day Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) DirtBike School
  • One-Day Off-Road Challenge Course
  • Two-Day Fun Camp
  • Two-Day P.O.S.T. Motorcycle Officer Update Course
  • Four-Day Ultra Pro Camp
  • One-Day Private Training Day with Rich Oliver



New this season: the ROMS Vlog!

Rich answers the question,” how will learning flat tracking help me be a better pavement rider?"