Rich Oliver's Mystery School

Off-Road Challenge Course

Can you ride your Adventure Bike off-road?  Are you ready for all types of terrain?

This one-day class is for the MSF DirtBike School graduate or for those riders with a minimum of similar street training.

The curriculum will take students on an off-road riding adventure over multiple whoops, through a rock filled stream crossing, up a challenging and winding hill climb, over actual logs, over many small jumps, through the woods with tight turns, through sand and mud and much more!

Learn correct body position for any type of terrain you may encounter on your trail or adventure bike, and be prepared for it all!

Gain Skills! Gain Confidence! Gain Control!


Tuition includes your Yamaha TT-R training motorcycles, lunch, drinks, snacks, and photos.  There is no damage deposit.

Gear rental, if needed, is $40 and can be added to your cart separately.

Enroll with a friend and each person receives a $25 discount!

Build your own camp: special dates available upon request for groups of 6 or more. Contact us at (559) 855-3089 or to reserve.


Upcoming dates:

  • Sunday, October 15 (10 spots)


New this season: the ROMS Vlog!

Rich answers the question,” how will learning flat tracking help me be a better pavement rider?"