Rich Oliver's Mystery School

P.O.S.T. Motorcycle Officer Update Course

Do your officers have the skills and confidence to avoid collisions and injury?

The Two-Day P.O.S.T. approved Police Officer Motorcycle Update Course (#32575; Plan I) is specifically designed to enhance the officer's ability to avoid accidents and injury and to gain a greater level of control in pursuit situations over all types of terrain.  The course incorporates turning, sliding, braking, tight area u-turns, negotiating obstacles and pursuit techniques.  By performing all of these riding techniques throughout the various drills over our 16-hour training course, the officer will gain new skills, confidence and control, becoming a much improved rider.

Your agency will benefit by:

  • Reducing Officer accidents and keeping officers on patrol.
  • Reducing Workers Compensation Claims.
  • Reducing hours of work an injured officer misses.
  • Reducing bike repair or replacement costs.

Gain Skills! Gain Confidence! Gain Control!


Tuition includes your Yamaha TT-R training motorcycles, gear rental, lunch, drinks, snacks, photos, video and steel shoe.  There is no damage deposit. 

Build your own camp: special dates available upon request for groups of 4 or more. Contact us at (559) 855-3089 or to reserve.


    Upcoming dates:

    • September 20 - 21 (8 spots)
    • October 17 - 18 (8 spots)
    • November 8 - 9 (8 spots)
    • November 28 - 29 (8 spots)
    • December 20 - 21 (8 spots)


    New this season: the ROMS Vlog!

    Rich answers the question,” how will learning flat tracking help me be a better pavement rider?"