Rich Oliver's Mystery School

Fun Camp

The Two-Day Fun Camp is for everyone interested in improving their overall motorcycle control! You need to be able to ride a motorcycle, however, you do not have to have any dirt experience.  We also recommend that you have at least one year of riding experience before you take this course.

Rich teaches a series of riding drills to teach you how to slide our Yamaha TT-R125's into the corners with skill and confidence. This class is very effective for street and track day riders.   Our most popular class includes two fun-filled days with a variety of flat track riding drills, flat track practice riding, flat track racing topped off with a final 25-lap main event race! 

Upcoming Dates:

September 16 - 17 (sold out)

September 30 - October 1 (12 spots available)

October 7 - 8 (12 spots available)

October 28 - 29 (12 spots available)

November 4 - 5 (12 spots available)

December 2 - 3 (12 spots available)

December 16 - 17 (12 spots available)



New this season: the ROMS Vlog!

Rich answers the question,” how will learning flat tracking help me be a better pavement rider?"